The future of
mortgage lending the palm of your hand.



We're out to change
the lending process to make it
easier — and better — for you.
Don't you deserve more?


You get
cash back

Get rewarded with
cash back for doing
the work.


Greater control
means more

More money back to you.
Earn up to 1.25% commission*
(that could mean over $5200)*
* on qualifying mortgages.


Life is better
when you
take control...

It's a Do-it-Yourself world.
Shouldn't getting a loan
be just as simple.


More Money Back

You know that loan reps earn a commission for every loan they generate and process. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to keep that? Why shouldn’t you? Earn loan rep’s commission (or part of it) for loans you facilitate yourself.

More Flexibility

If you’re considering buying, you can have access to the best loan products that allow you to apply, process and fund via an easy-to-use, streamline online application. Now isn’t that just what you’re looking for?

More Control

Now you can take control of your home loan. It’s your loan. So, why not take control? It’s likely you will be the person who knows best what you want… and you’re best equipped to make that happen. DIY Loans allow you to take the reigns of your home loan application process.

More Options

Need additional guidance and support? You can work with one of our Loan Officers to help you understand exactly what loan is right for you and help you in any way you need. When it comes to DIY Loans, you’ve got options.

More Transparency

Because you’ll work directly with the Loan Processor, you’ll have clear access to what stage of the loan process you’re in. With DIY Loans, we don’t just want you to be involved, we want you to be clear about the entire process.

More Support

Want to work directly with a Loan Officer? or the Loan Processor? Need clarity or explanation of something? From the time you hit send to the time your loan funds, we are here to provide you world-class support.

We are VA, FHA and Conforming Loan Specialists (since 1997).